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Sweet dreams are made of this - my riff with Nadya Lev & Star St. Germain of Aconite

In this week's vlog, I sat down with my friends Nadya Lev and Star St. Germain, Founders of Aconite and Co-Creators of the dreamlike virtual reality game, HoloVista. Nadya and Star are trailblazers of immersive storytelling and have built their platform on transforming the ordinary world into something extraordinary. On this episode, the seasoned creative duo takes me through their journey as the creators of one of 2020’s most promising mobile games. I’ve had the honor of working with the team and was chuffed (that’s the Brit coming out in me) when I read this reviewer’s Blade Runner comparison. You can play their recently released mixed-reality storytelling game here in the app store.

Highlights from this episode:

  • 0:15 Working within the media and entertainment. intersection with technology.

  • 1:15 Introduction of the Aconite founders.

  • 3:11 Video of HoloVista.

  • 4:46 Welcomes both guests.

  • 5:07. Bio of the guests and journey as creators and inspiration behind Aconite and HoloVista.

  • 11:20 Secret Cinema.

  • 14:35 Pokemon.

  • 15:15 Lauching and marketing HoloVista.

  • 16:30 Magic circle.

  • 18:18 Polarization.

  • 20:06 asking the guest on how was the release and some insights on how they made it. overall experience with the game released in the market.

  • 24:44 Gameplay.

  • 28:15 Vision for HoloVista.

  • 31:20 Inspirations.

  • 35:30: Music and gaming.

  • 41:30 Crowdfunding.

  • 43:30 Supporters.

  • 53:45 Investors.

  • 57:00 How to work as co-founders.


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