Five Time Entrepreneur. WIRED Top 100 Innovator. BRITS and BAFTA Winning Music & Media Executive. Professional Soccer Player. Proud Mama.

Hey, I’m Angel.

Got challenges? Need a breakthrough, like right now? 
I get it, and I’m here for it. 


If your growth is blocked or you feel stuck, I’ve got you. I know what it’s like to face a wall of insurmountable challenges. Helping you get the breakthrough you deserve is what I live for. 

Grit, Gusto, and Gold Medals

As a native Detroiter, I bring grit and gusto to everything I do. You can take the girl out of Detroit, but you can’t take Detroit out of the girl.

As a former gold-medal-winning professional soccer player, I relish going beyond together with great teams to make new markets. My life is guided by a deep innate curiosity and the only constant is change.


I love living surrounded by majestic nature in the Bay area with my son Bronco who is an avid reader, writer, and gamer. 

I love what I do and do what I love. 

Industry Insider, Investor, and Dual Citizen

Relentless continuous innovation and improvement mean enabling growth and creating big wins for you! 

No matter how great something is, there's always room for improvement. 

 I’m a globetrotting culture vulture and bon vivant who loves to roar outdoors!


I’m a US & UK dual citizen, I’ve lived all over the world as a lawyer, athlete, and business leader, and
I’m an industry insider and an executive of 5 startups over 4 continents.

 I’m an investor in and mentor of over 50 startups, and 
my work has spanned multiple industries from startups to some of the biggest global brands.

 I've got what it takes to get you the breakthrough you deserve.

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Growth and Innovation Made

Easier. Faster. Smarter. 

Together with the talented Prehype team, I’ve developed more than 45 ventures valued at over $750 million including Sensai. Sensai is a SaaS AI-based automated marketing platform to make social media marketing simpler for celebrities, influencers, and D2C brands. As CEO, I took Sensai from concept to over 50,000 monthly subscribers in only 18 months and won the MarCom Awards for my accomplishment. 

Startups and multinational corporations count on me to transform their problems into opportunities. I face each challenge head-on and create ultra-efficient systems and connections. Growth and innovation become easier, faster, and smarter for everyone I work with. 

Transforming Good Ideas Into Great Businesses

With a Laser Focus

I instinctually take a founder’s approach when it comes to transforming good ideas into great businesses.

I’m laser-focused on product, business, and customer experience differentiation applying smart time and capital management. ​

Curious about what working together might look like? Let's talk!
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Image by Austin Chan

I am a philanthropist, board member, and board advisor to a number of nonprofits.

I’ve partnered with a wide range of organizations in order to promote stronger, healthier communities and a more connected, humane world.

I have been a double bottom line social entrepreneur, run campaigns for the Clean Water Act, I oversaw legal advocacy of animals, and I continue to passionately advocate for a healthier happier world for all inhabitants.

Some of the causes I am most passionate about include:

Image by Mor Shani
Image by Samantha Sophia
Image by Amadej Tauses
Image by Alvan Nee
Holding Plant

If you want to become more active in any of these areas, I’m happy to connect you to organizations and activists who are making an impact.

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