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Riff with author Jonathan Quarles on his new book "Making Dollars while Making Change"

My friend, Jonathan Quarles, a proud native of Flint, was stirred into action. He founded Quartz Water Source, to introduce clean water to his community and beyond. Jonathan has authored a memoir-meets-playbook, Making Dollars While Making Change, on how to use entrepreneurship as a platform for social impact. This week, I riff with him about his new book.

Highlights from this riff:

:05 - How Angel's been spending her time during quarantine

1:00 - "Big" authors vs. smaller authors and the impact

1:36 - Introduction of Jonathan Quarles (JQ) and his book

2:35 - JQs philosophy on words

3:18 - Angel asks JQ why he wrote the book

3:28 - JQs reasons for writing

3:54 - what motivates JQ

5:32 - Angel's first reason for writing

7:28 - Angel asks JQ what he thinks others should know about writing a book. 8:40 - How JQ's book challenges readers

9:15 - Angel's thoughts on where we can learn the most

10:35 - Angel asks JQ if he had an audience in mind when writing his book

11:50 - JQ & Jay Z

13:20 - Why Angel wants to make a whole lot of money

14:48 - A right to water

15:50 - Why a triple bottom line is important to JQ

16:10 - Coalition building

16:47 - Angel's history with the Clean Water Act in Michigan

19:55 - Who is J'Qs book for?

21:15 - Why JQ wants to change the mindset of entrepreneurs

22:14 - Angel asks JQ what he recommends to other authors

23:45 - Where proceeds from the sales of JQ's book are going

24:12 - The legacy of JQ's book

25:25 - What JQ is reading

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