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Customizing your music listening experience with Audible Reality's Matt Boerum

I’m super psyched to share this week's video with my friend, CEO, and Co-Founder of Audible Reality, Matt Boerum. In this week’s Riff, Matt and I discuss his new music app that lets you customize your listening experience through immersive 3D audio. If you have ever used filters on your photos then you'll love this equalizer on steroids.

Imagine listening to your favorite tracks in an unlimited number of ways! Forbes calls Audible Reality the Instagram of music. This seed-stage startup is already working with legendary artists and producers like Teddy Riley. Check out the app here.

If you're an artist, work in music, know artists who may want to learn more about promoting and selling music through Audible Reality, or if you’re an investor and want updates on the company, hit reply and let me know, or you can reach Matt on his LinkedIn. I'm proud to serve as a Board Director of Audible Reality.

Highlights from this episode:

00:00 Intro

2:25 Audible Reality Trailer

3:42 Audible Reality CEO, Matt Boerum Introduction

4:39 Matt Boerum Audible Reality Story

9:22 Inspiration for AudibleReality

13:48 Audible Reality Value Proposition

18:55 Download Audible Reality

19:09 How Audible Reality Works

22:24 Instagram for Music

24:15 Teddy Riley

27:00 Audible Reality PRO

31:26 Launch Reception

35:43 3D Audio and Headphones

38:04 Startup Journey

42:43 Partnerships

46:39 Advice to Entrepreneurs

49:28 Contact Audible Reality

50:12 Promotion of Audible Reality

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