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 Bring positive, electrifying energy and inspiration to your next live or online event by booking me as an innovation keynote speaker.

Five Time Entrepreneur. WIRED Top 100 Innovator. BRITS and BAFTA Winning Music & Media Executive. Professional Soccer Player. Proud Mama.

Entrusting your audience to a speaker is risky. What if the feedback is "dull, boring, droned on and on, etc.?" You and your audience deserve a speaker who is "Invigorating, real, entertaining, outcome-oriented, fun, and impactful." As a speaker, these are the words event audiences use to describe me. 

Innovation involves risk-taking — but taking risks can be scary, and in some cases, failure results. As George Addair said, “Everything you’ve ever wanted is on the other side of fear.” That’s a powerful statement, as it showcases your personal role in the decisions you make — the decisions that push you towards your deepest desires and goals. Courage is a choice worth taking. It’s always better than the alternative. 

We all understand the value of failure in terms of the lessons learned, but in reality, no one ever sets out to fail. It takes courage to take that leap to try something new — to become something or someone different. 

I love to share my successes and failures to help soothe fears, inspire others, and have a good laugh. When I speak at events and conferences, I don’t expect every attendee to remember every word I say — that’s not my objective. It is my aim to inspire each and every individual in the audience to expand beyond what they believe is possible. I want something I say to really resonate with them — something that makes them think and most importantly, feel differently. 

As Maya Angeou famously said, “They may not remember what you said, but they will always remember how you made them feel.” I want people to know they have the power to successfully tackle any challenge life presents. Every challenge offers a growth opportunity. As a girl raised by a single teenage mom in Detroit, I know from experience what “the art and science of the impossible” offer to those who are hungry and smart enough to thrive.

Giving a Speech

When I speak, I leverage the art of storytelling to better connect with my audience. As a self-proclaimed alchemist who passionately transforms grit to gold, I bring my special elixir, which I am told is “paradoxically invigorating and real, entertaining and outcome-oriented, fun and impactful.” 


As an innovation keynote speaker, WIRED Top 100 Innovator, BAFTA Award-winning, successful five-time entrepreneur, investor, venture developer, mother, and professional soccer player, I blend vast, real-world experience with a magnetic stage presence to help people and organizations thrive. I customize every speech for the audience to drive the biggest possible impact, intertwining engaging stories with beautiful visuals, and practical tactics that encourage audiences to kickstart ambitious positive energy. Ultimately, my speech is about YOU not me! The better I understand your objectives and audiences, the better I am able to craft case studies and narratives that help provide new insights based on experience.

You can reach me at if you would like me to speak at your next online or in-person event.


Let's Connect & Collaborate!

Email to request a call. 

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