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Podcast: Loneliness & Belonging | Bonus Meditation with Oren Jay Sofer

In times of loneliness, there are practices that can help. Oren offers words and wisdom to help you rekindle a sense of belonging.

Find more meditations and courses from Oren on the Ten Percent Happier app:

A little about Oren Jay Sofer: Oren Jay Sofer teaches mindfulness, meditation and Nonviolent Communication. He has practiced meditation since 1997, beginning his studies in Bodh Gaya, India and is a long-time student of Joseph Goldstein, Michele McDonald, and Ajahn Sucitto, and is a graduate of the IMS/Spirit Rock Teacher Training program. He holds a degree in Comparative Religion from Columbia University and is the author of Say What You Mean: A Mindful Approach to Nonviolent Communication.

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