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Interim Executive Management

Deliver the fresh leadership and direction your company or project needs through my expertise and intuition. 

Five Time Entrepreneur. WIRED Top 100 Innovator. BRITS and BAFTA Winning Music & Media Executive. Professional Soccer Player. Proud Mama.

As Winston Churchill said, “Mountaintops inspire leaders, but valleys mature them.”


As an avid hiker and in business I’ve experienced lots of mountaintops and valleys. In fact, I live atop a mountain and spend much time in Silicon Valley. In order for leaders and companies to grow, executives must have a trusted partner that thrives on the edge of innovation. After all, one of the basics of innovation is the consideration of new perspectives. This is where growth opportunity is often hiding in plain sight. Harvard Business Review expands on this principle in The Innovation Value Chain


Commonly followed advice can be wasteful or harmful or applied to the wrong situations. This is why executives require a leader who can address their company’s unique pain points. 


This type of leader will allow them to anticipate the future and solve critical problems today. It’s a balancing act that requires both expertise and intuition. The right leader will assist throughout the innovation value chain, focusing on everything from idea generation to idea execution. 


I am that type of leader. With my years of experience in managing teams and developing businesses, I can help breathe new life into your company or project. I work with startups, corporates, and nonprofits, bringing a renewed sense of leadership and direction. 

Modern Work Space

While you're looking to fill a more permanent position, I can step in as a:


✔ Chief Commercial Officer

✔ Chief Marketing Officer

✔ Chief Digital Officer

✔ Chief Innovation Officer

✔ Chief Content Officer

✔ Head of Partnerships

✔ Head of Growth

✔ Head of PR

✔ Head of Content and Marketing

✔ Head of Business & Legal Affairs

✔ Head of Licensing

✔ Head of Artist or Talent Relations


Please contact me directly to discuss your specific needs.


Let's Connect & Collaborate!

Email to request a call. 

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