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Angel Gambino

Hello, I’m Angel. Thank you for visiting. 

​I’m a mission-driven entrepreneur, senior executive, and investor living in the San Francisco Bay Area. 

I am a natural networker, creative and quantitative marketer, and tenacious business developer. I love to build and lead talented teams who share my passion for creating new markets. With over 20 years of experience, I trust my instinct and intuition in making big bold plays as well as nitty-gritty tactics essential in high performing businesses.

​Over the course of my career, I've been a WIRED 100 media executive, a streaming, mobile, and urban regeneration pioneer, a founder of companies on three continents, an environmental attorney, and a professional soccer player. I'm also a proud mom!

​Please contact me if you want to collaborate.

My Career

As Rhapsody International’s Chief Commercial Officer, I lead business development, marketing, product and partner management teams in North America, Europe, and Latin America. 

I am the Founder of a social artificial intelligence SaaS startup called Sensai. Sensai empowers artists and businesses to improve the impact of their social media performance.  

I am a partner at Prehype, a venture development firm, co-creating startups with the world's top corporations and entrepreneurs, which spawned numerous companies.

I currently hold a number of board directorships and advise companies and organizations, including Stationhead, Global Goals World Cup, and Techstars.

I am the CEO of Alchemists Collective, a venture development holding company which invests in, owns and operates companies in the US, UK, and Latin America, focusing on technology startups and real estate. I've had multiple successful exits including a 2018 sale to Ford Motor Company.

During my London era, I held the position of Global VP, Music & Content at social networking giant Bebo, where I was responsible for global music and content strategy, product, and partnerships. Bebo exited to AOL Time Warner for $850m in 2008.

Previously I was VP, Commercial, Strategy & Digital Media for MTV Networks where I oversaw MTVN strategy & P&L across the company 11- channel portfolio of MTV, VH1, Nickelodeon and Paramount Comedy brands. I also served as Controller, Business Development & Emerging Platforms at the BBC where I had responsibility for extending the company four television and nine radio brands across mobile, broadband and on-demand platforms, including the development of the iPlayer. I was also Director of Broadband at gameplay and consulted to a number of Fortune 500 companies on issues of online media and commerce.

Earlier in my career, I served as Director of Legal and Business Affairs for several NGOs protecting wildlife and their habitat.


Recent Media Apperances


Interview with AI-thority.

"I have a special concern and understanding for the significance of how as AI developers, we are ultimately training the AI, and ultimately the AI will influence how we interact based on the biases infused in development."

Crains: A big sale — and building businesses — in Detroit

"Everyone I talked to in 2010 told me I was absolutely nuts and it would take forever to come around," said Gambino. "Everyone told me not to do it. But I believed it was the right thing to do … and I would figure it out."

AMEX: Five Ways to End Gender Bias in Your Workplace

“Creating a culture that values equity and empathy while also providing resources is an important way to remove gender bias, rather than developing yet another diversity or sexual discrimination program that may often exacerbate gender bias."

Appearance on Small Business Advocate Podcast

Small businesses are facing a great challenge trying to build a customer base on social media. Algorithm and feature changes make it nearly impossible to keep up, even if they're "social media experts." But the smart businesses are putting tools like A.I. to work.


My Writing and Content

Blog posts on career, industry, and life

Computer Robot

Yes, We Can Create Empathetic A.I. Systems. This Is How We’re Getting Started

Right now, those of us working on the frontiers of artificial intelligence have a major opportunity: we can be a force for good in a connected world.

I believe it’s our responsibility to choose for A.I. to empower empathetic engagement. Here’s why.

The Most Powerful Insights from fnSummit2018

I was honored to be among the event’s speakers this year, but even more than sharing my experiences in the A.I. startup space, I loved having the chance to reconnect with people I respect and learn from so many other talented founders. More than most other networks, this group of founders from across the country is amongst the most authentic in their sharing that I’ve experienced.

A.I.: The Hype is Real, and It’s Ready for You

While the A.I. hype is real, so is the technology. The applications for artificial intelligence are endless, powerful, and deployable across an entire organization. Some of the applications today are awe-inspiring — and some are simply about efficiently scaling with optimal velocity.


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