​I expedite growth and solve problems for entrepreneurs and innovators.

Startups and big companies have unique problems that need solutions ASAP. I get that. I’ve been there. I have an extensive network, vast resources, and a proven process to tackle your issues head-on and deliver results fast.



Startups and multinationals may be different, but both face problems that block their growth.

I create valuable, problem-solving systems and connections so both can transform problems into opportunities. I am a trusted advisor, investor, speaker, and co-creator of new products, services, and ventures.


Raise funds, get your idea to market, and scale fast.

You need to raise funds and scale quickly but it's tough to do while outpacing competitive threats. 


You need validation, such as product-market fit.

You need big companies to partner with, invest in you, buy from you, or to acquire you.

As an executive of 5 startups over 4 continents and an investor in and mentor of over 50 startups, I'm uniquely positioned and qualified to help.

 I can get you access to the capital you need.

 I can help you validate your product or service.

 I can connect you with big companies who can help.


Innovate like a startup, avoid disruption, and save money. 

You're concerned about sideways disruption from new technologies and more and more new entrants.


You have increasing pressure to continue to grow your core operational business.

You want to stay relevant but you're too busy to divert resources to new opportunities.

As an industry insider, I'm uniquely positioned and qualified to help.

 I can work with your chief innovation officer or serve as one for you.

 I can help you look for startups to invest in, acquire, or partner with to help you solve a problem or to get into new areas of business.

 I can also co-create new ventures with you.


5-Time Entrepreneur


Pro Soccer Player

WIRED Top 100 Innovator

Proud Mama



Finding the resources and connections you need can take time and that’s a luxury you don't have. You need and deserve to attract top talent, investors, partners, and customers fast so you can scale quickly.



Innovating and making decisions within a big company can be complicated, slow, and frustrating. You can’t afford to miss out on opportunities to protect your core business and expand into new areas. The market won’t wait for you.

I have the vision, leadership, and direction you need. Here are some ways I can help. 



Learn more about co-creating new products, services or businesses together

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Discuss how I can help you as an advisor or as an interim executive



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Connect & Expand

My greatest gift is seeing opportunities that are invisible to others and connecting the right people at the right time to realize them.

I have been a WIRED Top 100 founder, CEO, and executive of five startups across four continents, where I personally raised over $30 million and which sold for a combined value of over $1 billion. 

I have been a BRITS and BAFTA-winning senior executive at the BBC and Viacom as well as streaming companies. I have invested in and/or mentored over 50 startups and advised numerous Fortune 50 companies.

I am a former professional soccer player and a proud mama. I love living surrounded by majestic nature in the Bay area with my son Bronco who is an avid reader, writer, and gamer. 

Does your startup, corporate, or nonprofit need an expanded sense of leadership and direction?

With my years of experience in managing teams and developing businesses, I can help breathe new life into your company or project. 

I love what I do and do what I love. Let's connect and collaborate!

Accolades and Awards

Working with talented teams leads to great outcomes, many of which are not always recognized by the industry, but it sure feels good when our efforts are acknowledged.


What people say


Have you and your colleagues ever put everything you've got into something only to find out you were focusing on the wrong problem entirely?

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I'm a public speaker entrepreneur/venture builder, senior executive, and investor. I'm also a mom and philanthropist!


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